Ear Treatments

As fellowship-trained facial plastic specialists and board-certified ear, nose and throat surgeons, Dr. Magill and Dr. Sedwick are uniquely capable of treating all aspects of cosmetic and functional ear concerns.

Procedures involving the ear include reconstruction after trauma or skin cancer removal, cosmetic otoplasty to “pin” the ears back, surgery of the ear canal, ear drum (tympanic membrane), ear tube placement and mastoid surgery. Learn more by reading below, or call our office to schedule an appointment.

Ear Surgery

There are a variety of issues that can be corrected with ear plastic surgery, including torn earlobes and protruding ears. While we see many adults who seek to correct cosmetic ear problems, infants and children are in many cases eligible for surgery to repair birth defects and other abnormalities.

During your consultation, we’ll take photos of your ears from many angles, explain what you’re seeing and discuss what we can do to help you. For more information about ear surgery, please give us a call.

Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are a solution for people, most commonly children, who suffer from frequent ear infections or the continued presence of fluid in the middle ear, resulting in hearing loss.

Ear tubes are inserted through the ear drum to let air flow into the middle ear. Ear tubes will restore hearing to those who have suffered hearing loss because of fluid in the middle ear.

The procedure may be performed without anesthesia, although young children may receive a general anesthetic.

For more information about this solution, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Magill or Dr. Sedwick so they can explain your options.